Distinguished Fellow

Distinguished fellows will serve as the expertise and resources base of BSPUA. There are two categories of Distinguished Fellows: (i) Distinguished Fellow (Academia); (ii) Distinguished Fellow (Industry).

The Distinguished Fellow (Academia) will be selected by the Executive Council from the pool of the academic leadership categories like UGC Members (existing and former), Vice-Chancellors (existing and former), Pro Vice-Chancellors (existing and former), Treasurers (existing and former), very renowned scholars, very senior and experienced academics of the private university sector, and senior NRB fellows of the society.

The Distinguished Fellow (Industry) will be selected on the basis of widely accepted reputation and relevance to the private university sector, by the Executive Council from among the corporate leaders like CEO and similar positions, chief of the associations, head of the entities, holding the position of President, Vice-President, Chairman, and of similar statutes, designated experts or equivalent.